“A jewelry designer who works with a drill press and diamond bits to cut through tiny stones, purveyors of honey and natural soap, a quilter who makes giant wall-hangings and napkins that fold out in fan shapes, and the creator of live framed plants called “vertical gardens” – all were among the featured crafters at Central Nurseries’ first “Artisan Evenings” event last week….

People who have admired the Scottish cairns – which are grave markers at the battlefield where William Wallace was captured and the clans are buried – can wear miniature replicas around their wrist or neck thanks to Will Gasner and his OMstack creations.

“I grew up on Block Island collecting stones,” he recalls. “I was fascinated by them. My dad bought me a drill press and some diamond bit drills.”

The diamond drill bits were essential because without them, plus immersing the stones in water, Gasner created huge explosions of stone shards.

He’s now branched out to include jewelry made of gold or silver or a combination of stones and precious metal. Gasner’s work is available online and in some stores.

More information about future Artisan Evenings can be obtained by calling 401-942-7511 or visiting centralnurseries.com or facebook.com/centralnurseries.”

Stone stacks or Cairns have not only been used for trail marker in the mountain ranges of the world but also are sacred grave markers throughout Scotland!

Come to our next Johnston show at Central Nurseries on September 17th

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